No More Stolen Elections!

Unite for Voting Rights and Democratic Elections

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SCRIPPS WIRE SERVICE: Activists March 150 miles to protest against corporate lobby

Operation Green Jobs to conclude 150 mile march at U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Press Contact:
Cheri Honkala (215) 869-4753
Jake Parent (202) 834-5593
Carl Gibson (608) 443-6294
Unemployed Workers March from Philadelphia to Washington D.C. to Tell U.S. Chamber of Commerce to Stop Blocking Green Jobs.

Shut the Chamber is marching on the U.S. Chamber!

Shut the Chamber is joining with unemployed folks from across the country in a 150 mile from Philadelphia to D.C. to take on Washington’s puppet masters- the U.S. Chamber.  And we need your support!

Even if you can’t march with us, you can participate in our virtual march by uploading a picture of yourself here along with a story of why you’re standing with us to shut the chamber.

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